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February 03, 2016


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Johnny Vance, Director of Strategic Programs, Americas, Meltwater

A major focus for our product development at Meltwater has always been that we don't constrain our customers to any one measurement or insight. We let you configure your own based on your own reporting needs. Many PR pros still use AVE to quantify their ROI. We feel that it’s our obligation to provide them with what they need. This is common practice among other media intelligence providers, and that flexibility is important in creating competitive products.

We ensure that our staff is trained on what AVE offers PR professionals. We also train them extensively on the Barcelona Principles, to allow them to best consult with their specific needs or requirements, and our service provides a range of metrics which are in line with those principles. Our e-book by Robert Wynne makes a case for when AVE can be useful and when other methods (for instance, for measuring social engagement) should be explored. We believe that PR is changing and the ways to measure ROI will evolve with it, and as a company, we are committed to offering as many different options to quantify PR efforts as our 24,000 clients demand.
--Johnny Vance, Director of Strategic Programs, Americas, Meltwater

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